Nethology partners with Google

Nethology Cloud Solutions has joined the Google Apps Authorized Reseller Program

Nethology Cloud Solutions – a leading cloud technology solutions company in the UK and Ireland – is delighted to announce that they are now partnered with one of the biggest global brands in the world and the biggest name in online, Google. One of the most exciting things to come of them recently has been Google Apps for Business.

Nethology is partnering with them under the ‘Google Enterprise scheme’. Google was chosen by Nethology as a partner, not just because they are also on the forefront of cloud computing, but “Because we feel”, says Barry White, CEO; “that Google is, at the moment, the Apps company that shares the closest vision to where we see cloud computing in a relatively short time. So we are happy to announce that from today, we have become an authorized reseller of the Google Apps ™ suite of communication and collaboration tools.”

“What this means for our clients”, he adds, is that they will be getting even more value and flexibility of services from Nethology.”

Google Apps for business offers a broad set of powerful APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that allows the most effective method of information sharing and communication between two systems.

Some of the Google Apps and business software available to Nethology’s clients include:

Google App 1: Gmail for Business,

Google App 2: Google Calendar,

Google App 3: Google Docs,

Google App 4: Google Cloud Connect,

Google App 5: Google Groups,

Google App 6: Google Sites,

Google App 7: Google Adwords,

…among dozens of others (see an extensive list here).

Nethology will be using Google as their platform of choice but this does not mean that clients will be restricted to one brand’s product lists. All of Nethology’s other products and partners will be available and fully integrational with the Google Apps for business, which is also available through their Market Place. “Our clients will be able to use all of the other great products like Zoho – for example – in tangent with Google apps in such a way that they actually complement one another,” says White, “this is obviously a truly unique benefit that our clients get by choosing us as their cloud solutions provider.”

Google Apps brings simple, powerful communication and collaboration tools to organizations of any size – all hosted by Google to streamline setup, minimize maintenance, and reduce IT costs. With the extensive list of Google apps (see above), Nethology’s clients and their employees will be able to work together with ease. They are enabled to share files and collaborate in real-time – making for a more organized, productive, accessible and unconstrained work environment.

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