Zoho CRM


General Details

Zoho CRM offers businesses a complete customer relationship life-cycle management solution for managing organization-wide Sales, Marketing, Customer Support & Service and Inventory Management.

  • Award-winning, complete CRM solution
  • No long-term contracts, pay as you go
  • Ease of Customization

Zoho CRM is simple to use, yet packed with features and advanced functionality that allow you to grow your business while having a single view of your customer interactions.

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Zoho Features

Sales Force Automation:

Zoho CRM helps the sales force, executives, and management with sophisticated sales force automation tools such as lead generation & qualification, pipeline analysis, sales stage & probability analysis, competitor analysis, real-time forecasting, quota management, reports & dashboards and other useful metrics.

Marketing Automation:

With the Zoho CRM marketing automation, you can effectively plan marketing campaigns, execute email campaigns, track marketing expenditure and improve the quality of the lead generation process. In addition, campaign management integrated with sales force automation helps your organization in measuring the performance, return on investment (ROI) and the effectiveness of the campaigns.

E-mail Integration:

The Zoho CRM Mail Add-on automatically tracks e-mail conversations you’ve had with your customers. You don’t need to CC: anyone or forward your e-mails to a particular address. You can also choose what e-mails to share with your team and which ones to keep private.

Zoho CRM highlights:

– 360-degree view of your business: sales, marketing, inventory, invoicing and help desk

– Modular and easy to use: Zoho CRM grows with your business, start simple expand and evolve over time