Professional Services

With Nethology being a leading cloud solutions provider, you already know that you are going to receive a quality service and a solution that will realize your businesses potential. Of course, being an end–to–end solutions provider means that we offer far more than a review and a solution. We pride ourselves on offering unrivaled levels of both expertise and service both in and out of the cloud.

To help you to truly realize your businesses potential our professional services include:

Consultion on Cloud Solutions


This is the start of your journey with Nethology Cloud Services. Our consultants will carry out a free… Read More

Solution Architecture Cloud Computing

Solution Architecture

Is a technical term for coming up with a solution and working out the best way to… Read More

Customisation Development of Cloud Solutions

Customisation & Development

Sometimes solutions involve using services that contain various options… Read More

Implementation of Cloud Solutions


Once the solution has been fully customized we load it with your data and system up for you. We will also clean up… Read More

Training of Cloud Solutions


There is no point in having a wonderful new system if you can’t get the most out of it. We won’t leave your staff floundering.. Read More

Managed Services in Cloud Solutions

Manage Services

This is a further step on from support. Nethology can take over full management… Read More

Support in Cloud Solutions


We believe that the implementation of your new system is only a small step on your road to greatness.. Read More

Website Design and Creation Cloud Solutions

Website Design and Creation

Of course, with your new system enabling you to streamline processes, maximise.. Read More